Ask an Expert – 5th January 2018


Happy 2018!

We hope you’ve had a restful break and are looking forward to what the new year holds for you as much as we are! We’re starting the year off right where we left it with Ask an Expert, so let’s get right to it shall we? Don’t forget, you can submit your questions to any of our social media accounts linked below…  



Q. Working with both private customers and organisations, can I expect the same level of professionalism and attention to detail on my kitchen flooring that you’d give to a restaurant or hotel? Are your tilers given specific training for working in someone’s home?

A. You certainly can expect the same professionalism and attention to detail on your kitchen floor that we would apply to a restaurant or hotel. We have a team of tilers who are specially trained for working in a domestic environment, where we realise that attention to detail and quality of finish  is paramount.

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Q. I want to install underfloor heating but it’ll mean taking up a portion of my tiled floor. Are you able to replicate the pattern and put the floor back to how it was?

A. This is possible but could be quite tricky as cables and conduits need to be installed under the floor and fed to a power supply. We would have to work in conjunction with a qualified electrician to ensure that a safe installation is carried out. You would also need to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of tiles of the same batch number for us to replicate the original finish.


Q. Is there a safe and confidential way to get in touch with you if I see something untoward on a job site?

A. Please call our office and ask to speak to our director Mark Howden who will confidentially deal with anything untoward that you have seen.