Ask an Expert – 26th January 2018

Check out this week’s Ask an Expert below for a selection of questions answered by our in-house team of expert tilers.

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Q. How do you get a nice finish when applying sealant around baths and sinks?

A. I would say that it’s always good to have an experienced tiler in to do your sealing, but if you want to try yourself, just remember – a steady hand, attention to detail and good quality silicon are a must. There are also tools available to help you such as this Tilebank Sealant Tool from Trimtraders  applying masking tape at an equal distance to the wall and bath will also help you get the best results.


Q. What’s the best way to drill through a tile?

A. The first thing you need to do is select the correct sized drill bit for the hole you wish to bore. I’d recommend using a good quality diamond-tipped drill bit for the cleanest result and similarly to when applying silicone, you’ll need a steady hand! A good tip is to manually break through the surface of the tile using a sharp instrument such as a BAL tile scribe or pointed drill bit, creating a tiny 1mm hole on the surface  prior to drilling ,will prevent your drill bit from slipping and scratching the tile.

Another good tip is to avoid using the hammer setting on the drill and maintain steady firm pressure until you’re all the way through the tile.


Q. Do I need to remove the skirting boards in a room before tiling can begin?

A. It’s always preferable to remove skirting boards where possible as if fitted correctly the skirting always looks better sat on the tile than vice versa. Another good reason to sit the skirting on the tile is that this will leave room for expansion or any substrate movement if there is a 10mm gap left around the perimeter of the room.

In many instances though, in older properties or where too much disruption will be caused, the skirting will have to be left in situ- if this is the case

the tiles will have to be cut much more accurately which can be quite a challenge around architraves and door frames. If this is the case I would definitely recommend hiring a professional tiler!