Ask an Expert – 22nd December 2017

It’s almost Christmas so we’re here to answer all those last-minute queries before we get to escape the office!

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Q. I can’t find a tile trim to colour match my tiles. What should I do?

A. If you can’t find your perfect match I suggest looking for an alternative colour / material. Metal trims come in many various colours profiles and finishes. I would suggest having a look at your taps / shower fittings I.e brushed or chrome or curved trim or straight profile as the alternatives. This goes for your kitchen fittings also.


Q. Which is better, Natural Stone or Stone Effect?

A. Depending on what area you wish to install the stone and which location. Natural stone can be fairly high maintenance I.e keeping clean and re sealing, You wouldn’t naturally install stone tiles in a commercial kitchen or in an area of high foot traffic, a porcelain stone effect tile can be used in most locations due to the hard wearing material.


Q. What should I consider when I start tiling my bathroom? 

A. Look at the size of the room first, dependant on the setting out you may end up with more wastage from a large format tile. Look at how much light is in the room a darker tile will make the room look darker and a lighter tile will make the room appear lighter. Setting out is invaluable, spend plenty of time looking at where your cuts are going to be I.e cuts to the bath / ceiling / floor / window cill and above the window. Think about the background your tiling on to I.e plaster / plasterboard / cement board this will affect the adhesive your choosing to use, also the tile choice I.e porcelain / ceramic will also determine the adhesive to be used.