Dior Boutique, Shoe Heaven, Harrods

Project Description

London luxury department store Harrods has just opened ‘Shoe Heaven’, a 3,900 sqm area which is the world’s largest shoe paradise.

As Simon Collins creative director of The David Collins design studio explained  “Shoe Heaven is to be a retail concept that reflects the brands global reputation for delivering a superlative shopping experience to the worlds most discerning clientele”

Shoe Heaven, at the fifth floor of the luxury department store, is decorated like an “opulent penthouse suite, not like a regular shoe store. We wanted to create some sort of five-star hotel.”


The Great Northern Tiling Company were delighted to help create this opulent vision having won the contract to fit specially imported marble at the Dior Boutique.


Areas Tiled

110 m2 of Italian marble was fitted to the Dior floor.


Special Details

Shoe Heaven is the size of 3 olympic swimming pools housing over 100,000 pairs of shoes!

Completed  July 2014