Canas Y Tapas, Flagship Restaurant, Islington, London

Project Description

Great Northern Tiling were delighted to have won the order to tile the brand new flagship Spanish restaurant, Cañas y Tapas, (pronounced Canyas e Tapas or CYT for short!)

The food is very traditional, while the decor is set in a very contemporary and cutting edge style.

CYT has over 97 restaurants covering many regions of Spain and they have recently expanded into Portugal and France.  We were very proud to have played a part in producing the high spec interior finish associated with a flagship Restaurant such as Canyas Y Tapas.


Areas Tiled

120 m2 of wall and floor tiling to;




Servery areas

Special Details

Tiled kitchen floor had to have existing grout ground out and new grout applied in order to adhere to strict hygiene standards. Not an enviable task!


Completed  September 2014