This Week at GNTC – 21st November 2018

Once again, we’ve been run off our feet this week. Trimtraders has seen a huge increase in foot traffic to the new showroom and web sales all totalling their best sales week ever so far! Things are ticking away quite nicely here with a lot of installations currently in-progress with pictures to share with you from all of them. Let’s get on with it shall we?


The first job won this week is a JD Sports Gym located in Wythenshawe. 70m2 worth of floor tiling and over 350m2 of wall tiling are to be fitted in the changing rooms, showers and sauna rooms! Before the tiles are installed though, a bit of pre-work will take place – tanking the floors, No More Ply to the shower walls and Ditra matting to the shower floors.

Over at Monument House in Pontefract, we’re on-site at a new development being built consisting of 12 Dormer Bungalows with a grand total of just over 200m2 of tiling to the walls. 

Finally – over at Bacton, we’ll be installing 24m2 of herringbone pattern tiling to the Canteen Servery at the Shell Oil Refinery.

Let’s kick off the visual portion of the news with some domestic jobs. We mainly feature commercial contracts but that’s not to mean we don’t apply the same level of quality to smaller jobs. After all, when it comes down to it, helping make someone’s house into their dream home adds a whole new level of job satisfaction for us.





Meanwhile at Cineworld, Wakefield work is still progressing very nicely…





Continuing on with the cinemas, the Odeon cinema in Telford has had a fantastic looking section of triangular wall tiling completed. 





Hucknall Care home which we first mentioned last week is now underway and looking great so far with a simple and clean layout for their bathrooms…





The works on the third floor at the Interchange Offices in Bradford are beginning to wrap up, with the majority of the wall tiling in place and looking good!





We’ve got an additional mini update from Mercedes-Benz in Erdington featuring our friends Mustang & Pony. Their levelling system has played a huge role in making our work here look so neat and clean!





Finally we’ll wrap up this week with the Canbury Arms in Kingston-upon-Thames, another new contract we first mentioned the other week. So far, so good! The wall tiling in the bathrooms looks brilliant and work is in progress on the floor tiling as it gets laid over the top quality Dural Durabase matting. For the eagle-eyed readers, you may have spotted this in use in the domestic pictures above. We always swear by the products we use, so much so that they get used on any job – domestic and commercial.