Ask an Expert – 9th February 2018

Check out this week’s Ask an Expert below for a selection of questions answered by our in-house team of expert tilers.

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Q. How do you get tiles to stick to plywood?

 A. The best way to tackle the problems associated with sticking tiles to plywood is quite simply -don’t tile on to it!

As the Tile Association rightly state, it is the least most suitable substrate to fit tiles to -save yourself all the hassle and strip the plywood up or if your levels will allow, simply overboard with “No More Ply” or a similar type of cement board. The boards are easy to cut, impervious to moisture, they’re impact and heat resistant and can be used with underfloor heating systems. For more information including a “how to” video – click on this link


 Q. When using travertine for walls, what should I use? And Why?

A. All travertine is suitable for fitting to walls, just make sure that the substrate you are fitting to is capable of taking the weight.

Ask your tile supplier what is the weight of your tiles, grout and adhesive per m2 and then choose the appropriate substrate.

Gypsum plaster has a tolerance of 20kg per m2 :Gypsum plasterboard (without a skim) is 32kg per m2 and cement fibre board is a whopping 60kg per m2.


 Q. I have pulled off my old tiles and some of the old plaster came away from the wall, can I tile straight on to the cement wall or do I have to re-plaster?

A. If the cement wall wall is nice and flat, then yes, you will (after applying a coat of primer) be able to fit tiles to it. If the exposed cement isn’t flat, then I would recommend re-plastering.