Ask an Expert 1st December 2017

Here’s a selection of questions we’ve been asked for this weeks Ask an Expert.

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Q. What training/qualifications are needed to get the best start as a tiler?

A. To get the best start you can get as a tiler, we’d highly recommend a minimum of an NVQ Level 2. The strongest route in our opinion would be an apprenticeship at an established flooring and tiling company. You can find out about a place through your careers advisor or local construction college and they’ll get you on the right track. Practice also makes perfect, any small projects on offer from friends and family are sure to help with your experience as well!

Q. Where can I see examples of your previous jobs?

A. Please feel free to visit our Recent Work page or we can send you addresses of previous works that we have carried out. 

Q. How do you come up with tiling designs/can a customer use their own design? 

A. Dependent on who the job is for its normally down to the architect to come up with designs. Certain customers will be willing to look at different designs depending on size of tile / area tiled / and will it fit the designated area. 

Q. What’s the best way to chat to you guys about a project for my shop? What stages do we work through together? 

A. Again dependent on which areas you want tiling depends on what tile will or will not be suitable. You may need a certain type of tile I.e floor tile needed for a high traffic area. Certain aspects to take in to account will be slip ratings and tile sizes and set outs. This is something an architect will advise you on, if not we have plenty of combined knowledge to help you with all your tiling needs. We can arrange a site visit then prepare a quote based on our findings. Once the quote has been accepted we can pass all the information to our contracts department and they will manage the project through to completion.