Ask an Expert – 16th February 2018

This weeks Ask an Expert is going to be a little different…


Q. What’s going to be different?

A. We’ve decided to make our AaE feature a lot more involved and interesting for our thousands of followers!


Q. Why?! 

A. As much as we love writing this informative weekly feature we are soon to be taking over some additional premises which has presented us with a very good opportunity to improve our posts for the better.


Q. How are you going to improve !?

A. Video content!

How -to- Guides,  live tiling-action ‘Ask an Expert’ special features, all delivered to you in glorious 1080p! Having specialised training facilities in-house will enable us to create more detailed content and delve deeper into the construction nitty gritty .You can look forward to more informative, entertaining and richer content as well as  showing you how we tackle real life tiling scenarios. 


We’re very excited to move the future of our content in this direction and hope you’ll be along for the grand unveiling in a couple of months…..In the meantime, you’ll still be able to enjoy our regular news and behind-the-scenes features.

Be sure to keep following us!!