Ask an Expert – 15th December 2017

It’s almost Christmas so we’re here to answer all those last-minute queries before we get to escape the office!

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My new tiles have gone dusty and chalky after fixing. What has caused it? 

I’d say it’s likely to be grout film residue. If the tiles haven’t been cleaned properly, this can happen. Either by using a dirty sponge or the water wasn’t clean enough. You can wash them with water and whilst they’ll look clean, they will eventually turn cloudy when dried. I would recommend a specialised cleaning solution to get them looking nice and shiny which you should be able to find at any decent-sized DIY store.


I have a very large tiling project to do. How do I work out what I need?

We’ll work with you and your plans to determine the exact amount of materials needed to complete your project. We hate to see excess materials but in the event where we might need more stock, we can have this on-site with no inconvenience to your project.


What considerations are there when tiling in kitchen areas?

Needless to say no matter the choice, the tiling needs to be easy to clean, practical and impervious before we start thinking abut aesthetics. I’d definitely not recommend stone as an option but rather ceramic as it has all three of the qualities I’ve mentioned. The same can be said for floor tiles but I would look at a slip-hesitant surface as the last thing you want is staff taking a tumble! Choice of Grout is also very important – stick with an impervious epoxy resin grout.