Ask an Expert – 12th January 2018

Check out this week’s Ask an Expert below for a selection of questions answered by our in-house team of expert tilers.

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Q. How eco friendly is tiling a floor?

A. Tiling a floor can be very eco friendly, many of the tile suppliers who we work with use recycled and sustainable  products in their manufacturing process.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are some of the longest lasting floor and wall covering products on the market today. Unlike  other hard and soft floor coverings which have to be replaced periodically, professionally installed tiles will last a lifetime. This longevity reduces time, money and resources spent on extracting raw material, manufacturing, transportation, installation, demolition and disposal requirements. Tiling floors using ceramic and stone is actually helping save the planet!

Additionally we always minimize refuse on-site and any waste materials that our guys return from site are separated in to our recycling bins.


Q. What considerations are there to take when tiling a swimming pool?

A. This is short question that requires quite a long answer! Please click on this link which will take you to one of our  tile suppliers Waxman ceramics who answer this question comprehensively on their blog…..


Q. I’ve seen a tile design I really like but what if you don’t work with that particular manufacturer, can you replicate the design?

A. We can replicate most designs using ideas from different manufacturers please call us for more advice.